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The X-Files meets Beavis and Butthead
It's been called The X-Files meets Beavis and Butt-head. And that's hugely insulting because this show is incredibly serious and perhaps may be the most important podcast ever recorded.

Every Monday noted Critical Thinker Thomas Luge and his apprentice Lil Dickie Rickets sit down with heroes to cut through the misinformation presented by the corporate owned media.

This is most certainly NOT an improvised parody of conspiracy theory culture turned homoerotic soap opera created by comedians Alex Bozinovic and Mike Bobbitt showcasing their funny friends playing eccentric characters.

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About your hosts

Alex Bozinovic

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Alex Bozinovic started his comedy career in Detroit, MI. He focuses primarily on personal stories, experiences and all of his shortcomings.

In 7 years, Alex has had the opportunity to open for notable comedians such as Eddie Pepitone, Jen Kirkman, Chris Gethard, Joe Mande, Sherrod Small, and many more. Alex is also a founding member of The Independent Comedy Club in Hamtramck, MI where he is currently a producer and booker.

In addition to The T.R.U.T.H.cast, Alex hosts "The Burt Selleck Podcast" with his co-hosts John Mahar and Ian Radogost-Givens where the trio tackle current events and nostalgic memories in a race to prove to the world which of them is the dumbest person alive.

Mike Bobbitt

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Michigan native, Mike Bobbitt is a comedian show offers his perspectives on celebrity, sexuality, people pleasing and the gritty side of Hollywood.

Over the past eighteen years, Mike has performed in four countries, 26 states and Alabama. His three comedy albums are available at the online retailer of your choice. He’s appeared on Freeform’s “Freak Out”, “Laughs” on Fox and the hugely popular WTF Podcast with Marc Maron. He’s also cowrote the horror/comedy No Pets available on Amazon, and co-created the Ideal Remake podcast .

Mike is currently the host of three podcasts. The Truthcast, a improvised conspiracy theory parody that's been described as The X-Files meets Beavis and Butthead. The family friendly Movies for Kids podcast. And You Made Me Watch, where Mike and his wife make each other watch movies they loved, but recognize the other may not.